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We offer a range of dietary services to help individuals achieve their nutrition goals for improved health and for the management of nutrition-related health conditions.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Child Nutrition Services

Through our child nutrition services, our registered dietitian nutritionists provide nutrition assessment for your child, offer nutrition counseling and work with you to provide nutritious meals for your child based on his or her age and health needs.

Our areas of expertise include basic nutrition for infants and toddlers and management of childhood obesity, failure to thrive, food allergies or intolerance, feeding problems, and nutrition for children with special needs.

We have helped many worried mums feed their children happily and confidently.

Nutrition Support for Health Management

Our registered dietitian nutritionists help you build a healthy relationship with food to improve your health and to prevent, manage or reverse health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal lipid profile, overweight and obesity.

We use evidence-based recommendations to design easy-to-follow, practical and personalized nutrition care plan that will get the best results for you.

So, if you need to burn that extra fat, or regulate your blood sugar or bring down your blood pressure, we’ve got you covered!

Corporate Nutrition and Wellness Programme

Nutrition is one of the most important components of corporate health and wellness programmes, yet it is often neglected. Nutrition has a great impact on employee health and productivity. Several studies have shown that healthier and less stressed employees are more productive. 

These studies have also identified that employee productivity is a key factor to increasing profits and reducing costs in organizations.

Our corporate nutrition programmes empower innovative organizations to incorporate nutrition into their wellness programmes and improve employee’s wellbeing, health status, coping skills to overcome stress and other factors that affect health, lower healthcare costs and promote a nutrition-friendly, healthy and supportive work environment.

Currently, we offer a couple of corporate nutrition programmes. We also offer customized programmes to meet our clients’ needs.

Nutrition Seminar

Our Nutrition seminars create a healthy environment in the workplace and encourage employees to move in the right direction to stay healthy and active. 

These one-hour sessions shed light on the current nutrition issues and offer practical applications to guide employees in making healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.

This programme is offered as a once-off event, monthly or quarterly programme to keep your employees on healthy track. It can also be customized to meet the needs of your employees and organisation.

Download brochure to seminar topics on current nutrition trends.

Onsite Nutrition Clinic

We bring nutrition intervention into your workplace through our onsite nutrition clinic at the comfort of your employees.

Our Registered Dietitians assess your employees’ individual eating habits, lifestyle, and risk factors to provide insight about their health and offer personalized nutrition solutions to help them set attainable nutrition goals to improve health and optimize wellbeing.

Through this one-on-one nutrition consultation, we support your employees to take small steps that lead to significant changes over time, better health habits, and behavioral modification.

We are here to help your organization build a well-nourished and healthier workforce.

School Nutrition and
Health Programmes

Nutrition Education for Kids

Children are amazing. They can make decisions if empowered to do so. With so many foods available around us, children should be given the opportunity to learn about food, the importance of healthy eating habits and how food impacts their health and wellbeing. This will set them on a healthy track and empower them to make healthy food choices as they grow.

We work with primary and secondary schools to deliver age-specific, fun and interactive sessions that engage children and boost their nutrition knowledge. Using art such as drawing, carving, modeling, poem,

short plays and storytelling, we drive behaviour change and help children develop active interest in food, nutrition, active play and healthy lifestyle.

Teachers’ Health and Wellness

A teacher’s wellness is more important than his or her professional development. However, school managements and other education stakeholder do not consider investing in teacher health and wellness.

Poor nutrition, stress and other factors can affect a teacher’s ability to deliver effectively in the classroom. This can also lead to poor health, low productivity and poor student achievement.

We believe that healthy teacher and healthy students make a healthy school. Our teacher health and wellness session help teachers understand critical factors affecting their overall wellbeing and guide them to set SMART goal to improve their health, boost their productivity and enhance the quality of their lives.

Nutrition Seminar for Parents

Through our nutrition seminar for parents, we educate and inspire parents to invest in their children’s nutrition and overall wellbeing. 

In addition, we guide parents on how to provide healthy, nutritious and safe meals for their children and encourage them to support the school’s effort in instilling healthy habits in children for improved learning outcomes.

We also work with school management to create nutrition-friendly environment within the school.

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