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We offer a range of dietary services to help individuals achieve their nutrition goals for improved health and for the management of nutrition-related health conditions.

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Our team of Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists provide quality nutrition services to help adults as well as children build a positive relationship with food to improve their overall health and well being.


Medical Nutrition Therapy​

- Child Nutrition Services
- Nutrition Support for Health Management

School Nutrition And Health Programmes​

- Nutrition Education for Kids
- Teachers’ Health and Wellness
- Nutrition Seminar for Parents

Corporate Nutrition And Wellness Programme​

- Nutrition Seminar
- Onsite Nutrition Clinic

our Happy Clients

Mrs Bello, Ilorin

Signing in for weight loss program with Poisera Nutrition is a superb and interesting decision I made. Though I was feeling reluctant to take up the challenge initially but I never regretted it because it has really enabled me to eat right, live healthy and most importantly, cut down on my weight and lose some waste line. 

Seriously, I never knew I could get to still eat carbs and lose the desired weight I had targeted to lose even within two weeks. Wow! The program works. Not too rigid and very much sustainable. The meal plan is interesting and affordable. No skipping of meals. 

As a matter of fact, it leaves me with an all round well being. I am so glad I really did this 💪💪 Thanks to our great Nutritionist for making the journey a fun. You’re the best.

It's an understatement to say that I was amazed and super satisfied with your services. I wish I had met Poisera some ten or five years ago! Thanks for making my weight management/nutrition journey an awesome experience.
For the past 3 months that i've been following your instructions and advice, its been a turnaround for me! I've never heard of a weight loss program that would allow you to eat your normal food, even more than you would eat in a day, yet, it works like magic!
This is a big surprise and amazing! I couldn't believe that I could lose a whole chunk of 9 kg in just 2 months! It's just amazing! I feel healthier and happier now. I promise to continue with the meal plan, who knows, I might just get back to size 14 !!! 😄
Mrs Ayegbajeje
Ijebu Ode
Most times when I saw a post from a dietitian I do gloss over it without paying any serious attention to it. However, when I saw the combination of golden melon, cucumber, and avocado, the color combo was irresistible, mouth watering and yummy, I salivated. I decided to give it a try and the results I got was more than my expectations and that was the reason I beckon on Poisera to be one of her clients. A journey of a month on how to eat, what to eat and when to eat was interesting and fantastic. I am rejuvenated and well detoxified by just simple instructions of eating healthy food through natural our local fruits, water and vegetables. I recommend Poisera to anyone who desires to have a healthy life through food. You can check her page for more information. Poisera; a dietitian with a difference!
Mr Bakare
Thank you. I'm a lover of good and healthy food too. While she (my baby) was on of close to six months, she was showing full readiness for complementary feeds, but six months came and she was almost rejecting everything... I was frustrated though, but you came in and saved the situation. Thank you!!!🌹🌹🌹
It is quite amazing that my mom lost 4Kg within 4 weeks of Poisera's weight management and Diabetes meal plan for her (mum). She enjoys herself better and happier than ever. It is awesome that the meal plan is so easy to adhere to and she got an amazing result. Mum is super satisfied with Poisera's service.

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We empower them with the right information on weight management and offer different programs for weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance. Our methods are scientific, safe, health-friendly, effective, and sustainable and are personalized to help our clients achieve their weight goals.

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